Propose a New Member


  1. Invite your prospective member to a meeting. The cost of their breakfast will be covered by the club. Tell them about the general mission of Rotary International and encourage them to visit again.
  2. Complete the membership proposal form and turn it in to the Membership Committee chair. The Membership Committee chair will present the new member to the membership committee and the committee will meet with the prospective member to talk with them about Rotary. They will then recommend or decline to recommend the individual for membership. If the membership committee approves, the committee chair will present the proposed member to the club secretary.
  3. The Club Secretary establishes the proposed member?s classification and presents the proposed member and classification to the Board.
  4. The Board considers the proposal and approves or disapproves the recommendation.
  5. After receiving the Board?s approval the Club Secretary publishes the prospective member?s name in an email to the general membership.
  6. If no member files a written/email objection within ten (10) days after publication, the prospective member is considered to be elected to membership. The Club Secretary notifies the sponsoring Rotarian of membership approval. The sponsoring Rotarian then notifies the new member.
  7. If at least one objection is filed by a member, the Board will meet and reconsider the prospective member. If no more than two (2) votes are cast against the prospective member by the board, the prospect is considered elected to membership.
  8. The proposal is kept confidential during this preliminary phase, meaning that the potential member should not be aware of his/her proposal to the club. This is to protect him/her of the possibility of rejection by the club.
  9. With a favorable decision by the Board, the sponsoring Rotarian and one or more members of the Membership Committee informs the prospective member of the purposes, responsibilities and privileges of membership at an orientation luncheon.
  10. At the point that the member is approved, the Club Secretary and Club President will establish the date of initiation.
Flag City Morning Rotary Membership Proposal

We are always looking for new members who are of middle management or above in their career, but who are also “go-getters”. Our club is always recruiting individuals who want to have a hands on impact in our community.