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A Message

from Nick Kulik,
President of Flag City Morning Rotary

Welcome to Findlay Flag City Rotary! As president of the club, I want to thank you for coming to our website to learn more about our club. We are an energetic and growing service club focused on having a positive impact in Findlay and the world, while also having some fun along the way. We display in “Service Above Self” by giving our time and granting funds to organizations making a difference. Join us at one of our meetings every Wednesday morning from 7:30am – 8:30am at 50 North (339 E Melrose Ave). Check out the rest of our website to see upcoming events and activities. You’ll quickly see that we live up to this year’s mantra of “Do Good. Have Fun.”

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

The Four Way Test

  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


Nick Kulik

Mary Aufenkampe
District Governor

Christina Friia

Betsy Hackworth

Laura Eier
Vice President

Kyle Frisch
Board Member

Visit Us At One of Our Meetings!

Every Wednesday at 7:30AM

50 North

339 E. Melrose Ave.
Findlay, OH 45840


  • Each Wednesday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
  • 339 E Melrose Ave, Findlay, OH 45840


CLUB COMMITTEE – The club committee encompasses the areas of programs, fellowship, membership and club history.

  • Club/Social Committee
    • Betsy Hackworth
    • Christina Friia
    • Lee Hitchings
    • Matt Klein
    • Laura Eier
    • Kari Zellner (Chair)
    • Beth Wilkins
  • Community Service/MESA/Vocational
    • Suzi Healy
    • John Whitson
    • Hillary Holmes
    • Kyle Frisch (co-chair)
    • Chad Edel (co-chair)
    • Heidi Rupp
  • Derby
    • Denise Thomas (co-chair)
    • Jeff Rachel (co-chair)
    • Patrick Calvelage
    • Nicole Hartschuh
    • Sandy Campbell
    • Laurie Poland
    • Chris Renn
    • Amy Rathbun
    • Annissa Calvelage

COMMUNITY COMMITTEE – The community committee is responsible for public relations, club projects and fundraising.

  • Denise Thomas (Chair)
  • Laura Eier (Gala Chair)
  • John Whitson
  • Christina Friia
  • Chris Renn
  • Amy Rathbun
  • Kari Zellner
  • Lee Hitchings
  • Jodi Turnwald
  • Alex Treece
  • Betsy Hackworth
  • Stephanie Parsons
  • Laurie Poland
  • Cheryl Sterling
  • Abby Wilson

INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE – The International committee should develop activities to support the international focus of Rotary International including MESA, youth exchange and foundation giving.

  • Suzi Healy (Chair)
  • Al Hatch
  • Heidi Rupp
  • Jeff Stratton
  • Kurt Ohlrich
  • Erin Zylka
  • Jeff Rachel
  • Matt Wood
  • Chad Edel
  • Chris Roekle
  • Nicholas Kulik
  • Jeff Rachel

VOCATIONAL COMMITTEE – This committee should develop and implement educational, humanitarian and vocational projects that address the needs of its community and communities in other countries including the STRIVE program and literacy.

  • Dylan Pritchett (Chair)
  • Don Bledsoe
  • Brooks Gray
  • Kevin Smith
  • Patrick Calvelage
  • Kyle Frisch
  • Jenny Ferguson
  • Nicole Hartschuh
  • Diana Hoover
  • Beau Bryant

Our club’s effectiveness is based upon having a membership that is involved and active in projects and activities. Our club strives to have good attendance. If a member misses our morning meeting, there are plenty of opportunities to “make-up”.

1- Attend another club meeting Click here to learn about other clubs in our District.

2- Participate in a club project. A club project that happens within 14 days before or after your missed meeting counts as a make-up.

3- Attend a board meeting. Club members are always welcome to attend board meetings and they can count as a make-up.

Your board meets on the following dates, directly following the regular club meeting. Board Meetings August 11, 2016 September 8, 2016 October 13, 2016 November 10, 2016 December 8, 2016 January 12, 2017 February 9, 2017 March 9, 2017 April 13, 2017 May 11, 2017 June 15, 2017 4. Attend an e-meeting ~ Article 8, Section 1, Number 7 of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution defines specific requirements for online make-ups. “If, within fourteen (14) days before or after the regular time” of a Club meeting you are seeking to make-up, you “participate through a club website in an interactive activity requiring an average of 30 minutes of participation” a make-up will be granted. You MUST honor this “30-minute rule” when completing your make-up!

In Case of Inclement Weather

The club president or designee will call Hilton Garden Inn by 5 p.m. the evening before the meeting to inform them of our cancellation. Please be sure to speak to a person, do not leave a message. 

The number is 567-250-2525

If there is a “Level 3” weather emergency, the meeting will automatically be cancelled.



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Flag City Morning Rotary meets every Wednesday morning.

Join us for breakfast, a presentation about our community, and lots of fun!

  • Mailing Address

    2447 Tiffin Avenue #220
    Findlay, OH 45840