Committees 2017 – 2018

CLUB COMMITTEE – The club committee encompasses the areas of programs, fellowship, membership and club history.

Tamera Rooney (chair)

Glenn Rettig

Laurie Poland

Pat Garlock

J.J.  Preston

Jeannine Clark

Matt Klein

Tasha Dimling


COMMUNITY COMMITTEE – The community committee is responsible for public relations, club projects and fundraising.

Denise Thomas (Chair)

Laura Eier (Co-Chair)

Christina Friia

Chris Renn

Charles Lightner

Amy Laibe

Kari Zellner

Lee Hitchings

John Whitson

Alex Treece
Jeremy Scheiderer

Betsy Hackworth
Kelly Hovest


INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE – The International committee should develop activities to support the international focus of Rotary International including MESA, youth exchange and foundation giving.

Al Hatch (Chair)

Suzi Healy (Co-Chair)

Heidi Rupp

Jeff Stratton

Kurt Ohlrich
Gary Bright

Erin Zylka

Jeff Rachel


VOCATIONAL COMMITTEE – This committee should develop and implement educational, humanitarian and vocational projects that address the needs of its community and communities in other countries including the STRIVE program and literacy.

Randy VanDyne (Chair)

Don Bledsoe

Brooks Gray

Aaron Roush

Kevin Smith

Patrick Calvelage

Dylan Pritchett